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CommAf are proud to have been appointed by Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe as official Channel Partner’s for their VoIP services, often marketed under their ZOL banner.

Liquid or ZOL VoIP lines, with an 08677 prefix, give companies a cost effective alternative to their traditional Tel-One landlines and Fixed Cell Terminals (FCTs).  These lines utilise VoIP technology, and are provided over Liquid’s ever expanding data network. This guarantees you increased reliability and much improved call quality, which alone should be enough for you to justify the decision to opt in!

Liquid/ZOL VoIP connections can be provided directly into your existing CommAf PBX, and the PBX’s Least Cost Routing (LCR) feature will be activated to ensure that all your outgoing calls are sent via the most cost effective trunk route available. This will instantly yield a significant saving on your call costs going to cell phone numbers. Furthermore if you have Liquid VoIP lines installed at any remote sites or branch offices, calls to these sites will be at significanlty reduced "on-net" rates!

Installing Liquid/ZOL VoIP lines is what is called a “no brainer”. You will have better service and you will save money.

Call us today on 08677 000 677 to get your application in.

•    Low call costs for “on net" calls to any other 08677 number
•    Reduced local call costs on calls to cell phones.
•    Per second billing... stop paying for unused minutes.
•    Increased reliability.
•    Improved call quality.

* Terms and conditions apply. Liquid service is not yet available in all areas.

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